The 7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

«The 7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.»

Stephen Covey

Category : Motivation

What is this summary about

In your hands you have a unique book, published in 73 countries in 29 languages ​​in more than 10 million copies. The "New York Times" called it "the international bestseller number 1", and US President Bill Clinton - a handbook for every person that is aspiring to success. How did “The Seven Habits" by Stephen Covey manage to win over the hearts of the Western and Eastern audience spoiled huge variety of literature on psychology, and management efficiency?

About author:

Stephen R. Covey is the chairman of the board of "Covey Lidership Center", as well as the non-profit Institute for governance based on the principles. 

Summary language: English

For whom is the book?

* For Top-level managers;

* Anyone who is interested in personal development and self-management;

* Anyone who wants to realize the goals and succeed in the career. 

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