A small fragment from the summary "Kindergarten Is Too Late!"

A small fragment from the summary

The most important period in a child's development is the first three years.

There is a huge amount of literature on how and when to properly raise a child. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these books have nothing to do with how to the form your child's world view and his direct training.

We all remember from school years that very straight-A student in the class who could perform every single task at a high level always. Despite the fact that the basic message of all the teachers was: all children are equally capable, and they can achieve the same success – they just need to make enough effort, no matter how we tried, was always an excellent student would always stay an excellent student and losers would always be losers.

Therefore, there is a legitimate question. Maybe this all is about inheritance. The debate on this issue has been going on for many decades. In turn, the study of the physiology of the brain, on the one hand, and child psychology, on the other hand, have shown that the key to the development of mental abilities of the child is his personal experience of knowledge in the first three years of life, and that is the period when  brain cells develop most actively. The cells of the brain as it look like they are pulling each other's hands and are tightly holding on to each other, in order to respond to information from the outside, which they receive through the senses. This process is very similar to the work of the transistors in an electronic computer. Each transistor can’t operate by itself; it is only when they all are connected to a single system, they function as a computer. The period when the communication between the cells is the most active is the period from birth to the age of three. During this time, approximately 70-80 percent of these compounds are emerging. The understanding of the fact that the education of your child in the right way at the right time does not set itself the task of raising a little genius is equally important. Playing a musical instrument or a painstaking study of a foreign language does not develop any unique abilities. From the author’s point of view, the main purpose of early development is to prevent the occurrence of unhappy children, to form limitless potential in a child to have more joy in his life and the world. The child should get the foundation, which will be primarily aimed at the ability to perceive and interpret the information, be smart and attentive.

Another important "temporary" rule is not to know when and how to do certain things with the child. Many people mistakenly believe that of a little kid’s brain shouldn’t be overloaded during the first years and that he must occupy himself alone because otherwise it could lead to negative consequences. In addition, as soon as the child goes to kindergarten or school we suddenly switch to the "strict parents" mode and start to demand child's systematic and strict implementation of his tasks. This is a wrong approach! The more information your child gets in the first years of life, the better it is.


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