A small fragment from the summary "Without you there is no us"

A small fragment from the summary

We introduce you a small fragment from the summary "Once in North Korea",  which caused a great interest of readers.


Without you there is no us

Suki Kim


The prominent writer Suki Kim under volunteer mask – teacher of English had penetrated to North Korea and wrote the book about what she saw. The value of this book is that it is the first story about world full of terror, starvation, and fear. In this world, each man can inform about another and nobody feels himself in security.

Take an inside look at what’s really going on in North Korea now. Can you imagine a country where even the brightest and most privileged students are so isolated from the rest of the world that they’ve never even written a letter or seen a photo of the TajMahal?

What about a place where government spies follow you everywhere and you can’t even go for a jog around a university campus?

Welcome to North Korea! It makes this summary so important – they represent a rare look inside the Hermit Kingdom.

After disguising herself to gain entry, acclaimed writer Suki Kim reports back on the world full of spies, starvation, fear and complete isolation.

In this summary, you’ll discover

•    why some North Koreans have to cut grass with scissors;

•    what happens to people who get caught listening to foreign media;

•    why there are 35,000 statues of North Korea’s leaders.

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