Word of Mouth Marketing

«Word of Mouth Marketing »

Andy Sernovits

Category : Marketing

What is this summary about

Word of Mouth Marketing tells how to make a positive word of mouth and rumors about the company a more effective tool than advertising on TV. With the help of examples and clear guidelines governing this book describes in detail the possibility of creating positive conversations about your product. In fact, this book is about a free form of oral or written advertisements, by which the user satisfaction tell other people why they like a product or service. Word of mouth is a form of advertising, which most people tend to trust, as a person who advises any product or service does not have the personal benefit.

About author:

Andy Sernovits  is a head  of GasPedal, a consulting company specializing in marketing sundresses and community SocialMedia.org, unites the leaders of SMM-leading brands. 

Summary language: English

For whom is the book?

* Anyone who owns a business;

* Anyone who works in or is interested in marketing;

* Anyone who want to create buzz around their product or service.

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