A small fragment from the summary "Agile Selling: Getting up to speed quickly in today’s ever-changing sales world"

A small fragment from the summary

The book talks about how to be productive in the world full of changes. It describes how unstable and changeable a world of sales might be and that it is the only thing about it that is stable.


Learn how to start a prosperous company of your own or create a product for an existing one.

 You are going to learn how to adapt to all the changes and challenges you might face on your way to success. It shows that no matter how experienced you might be there is always work to do in order to improve your communication skills or selling skills. You will find out what strategies you might use to learn more information in a short period of time and what methods you might consider preparing for an important meeting.

The author explores the main features of a seller’s behavior and described the most common mistakes. She shows what can be done not to get trapped by your own behavior and self-confidence. And what is more she shares her personal experience a lot.


Agile learning is a key to gain your experience.

On the modern market it usually doesn’t matter what your product looks like and what new things you might introduce to your buyer. What does matter is your selling strategy.

However it has never been easy to do it, as a good seller has to do the newly introduced changes and specialties of the market all the time.

Every good seller is supposed to be always in search for new ways to sell, new ways to reach out to the audience and drag its attention.

You might also consider comparing different selling technics for different types of products. For instance, one will never be using the same ad to sell a coffee machine to a housewife and to make students and office workers buy some kind of a laptop.

So we now came to our buyers. They are all different, their needs are different, and what’s more they change all the time. They learn new things about your product and the market itself. They find new sources of information and they use it. They become smarter.

Nowadays when we are in an era of Internet people don’t want you to tell them all the information you have about a product you are selling, they may go online and read it all without your help.

It doesn’t mean though that buyer does not need sellers anymore, and that there is no job for the last ones at all. The statistics show that people tend to care more about your experience in sales rather than the price of a product, or the product itself.

What a good seller should do in order to perform customers with his experience is to pretend like he is a buyer and thus to understand what their actual needs are.

But it is a complicated way of archiving good results. A better one is called “Agile learning”.

It means that a seller keeps looking for all the newly introduced changes and adapts to them. If your partner hires a new CEO that means that you will change for sure. And you need to learn from it and gain your experience.


You can read the whole summary "Agile selling"  here.

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