Customers for Life

«Customers for Life»

Carl Sewell and Paul Brown

Category : Marketing, Business, Sales

What is this summary about

K. Sewell explains in simple language to what heights a company could rise if it improves the quality of service and treat the customer with genuine warmth and care. According to him, in order to keep a client, you need to reconsider his views not only on the service itself, but also on the organization of work, wages, cleanliness of premises, landscape design, and many other little things. This book was first published in 1990 in the United States and to this day does not lose relevance and is a bestseller.

About author:

Carl Sewell is a successful entrepreneur, owner of the company that sells such brand cars as "Cadillac", "Hammer", "Infinity", and “Lexus." He has increased his business using his own methods from $10 million in 1968 to $250 million in 1998, with profit, which has grown in the same proportion.

Summary language: English

For whom is the book?

* Anyone who owns a business;

* Chief Marketing Officers;

* Anyone who is passionate about great service.


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